Sleepless Nights, Judy Wright

Music from the local Gram Parson's cover band, Sleepless Nights and their campaign to have Gram Parsons inducted into the Country Music Hall Of Fame. Also, an interview with singer/songwriter Judy Wright and tracks from her latest CD, True To Myself.

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Sleepless Nights

Sleepless Nights

From The Band Bio:

Re-creating the late sixties Cosmic American Music sound of the late Gram Parsons, with Emmylou Harris, the Flying Burrito Brothers, and the Byrds. Sleepless Nights takes pride in performing these great songs as they were originally recorded with the full instrumentation of pedal steel guitar, fiddle, and honky tonk piano. Brian Graves' vocal delivery invokes the true spirit of Gram from his days with the Byrds through to his final solo album. Shannon O'Neill's harmonies on songs such as Love Hurts and Sleepless Nights are breathtaking.

  • Brian Graves - Vocals and Guitar
  • Shannon O'Neill - Vocals
  • Mary Mace - Piano
  • Ecki Heins - Fiddle and Vocals
  • Dana Trantham - Bass Guitar
  • Jesse Moorefield - Percussion
  • Thomas Moorefield - Pedal Steel Guitar and Dobro

Sleepless Nights web site.

Judy Wright

From the Judy Wright Bio:

Judy Wright's recent success has been remarkable. Her album was on the American chart for 26 weeks; her mainstream single was played across the country and on XM Radio was Bill Mack's Dynamic Disc Discovery. Her soulful version of "You Are My Sunshine" drew rave reviews from dozens of reviewers and radio programmers.

With sexy, sultry vocals and an undeniable command of a variety of musical styles, Americana Top 40 recording artist, Wright really delivers. From the Patsy Cline-reminiscent Texas swing ballad, "Deserving Love," to the accordion-laced tango rock "New York," Wright offers a musical feast for all.

Judy Wright web site.

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