Scotty Alan

2011 Night of 100 ElvisesScotty Alan talks about living in the wilds of Michigan, his punk rock days, making music at home, how he found himself in Los Angeles to record his CD, Wreck and the Mess, and his “Irish roots.”

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Scotty Alan

Scotty Alan

Interview Recap

Scotty Alan talks about composing the songs on Wreck and the Mess. He says the CD has a full band, but he wrote the songs alone in his cabin. He was just writing them for himself ad not thinking of them as sing along sings.

Scotty Alan introduces the bittersweet song, “Long Ways From Laughing.” The line came to him one day while he was cutting wood and the song just wrote itself from there.

Scotty Alan responds to queries that his vocal style sounds Irish. He says he’s been told that since he started singing at 15 years old. But he insists there’s no Irish family history. In fact his family is Finnish. He just developed a style of singing from the chest that comes out sounding that way.

In his early days, Scotty Alan started in high school in a punk band. Mostly played in private house basement. After a while they did some public gigs.

Scotty Alan has been inspired by Paul Westerberg of the replacements. Not in terms of performing but just as an inspiration. Also inspired by Ramones and Wire. But overall he just does his own thing.

Scotty Alan introduces “Says Lately.” This is a fun song. Was played on Delta Airlines in flight music service for a few months. It’s a little more electric than most his songs. Sitting at his table one day he hit that chord and just followed from there. When he went to LA he told the producer he wanted to build this one up a little more.

Scotty Alan talks about living in the wilds, 8 hours north of Detroit on the southern shore of Lake Superior on 10 acres outside the small town of Marquette. Has to maintain and plow his own road. He says it’s a lot of work, but he enjoys it. Lives without electricity and his whole family has been into self-sufficiency, including hunting, fishing, gardening. The thing that takes the biggest part of the day. He talked about preparing for winter and heating his cabin with wood he cuts himself.

Scotty Alan talks about how he got from the wilds of Michigan to recording in Los Angela. Started in ’92 when his punk band played at an art gallery there. Bernie Larsen, a producer in LA, was there and liked the band. So Bernie helped the band produce their first band the Muldoons. Scotty stayed in touch since then. So when it came time to record Bernie was a natural choice. A big part of the transition to the acoustic sound came from moving out of his Mom’s house and into a cabin that did not have any electricity.

Scotty Alan introduces “Barn Dance.” He talks about the burning barn on the cover of the CD. He’d written the song based on a trip he took out west with his father.

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