Episode 182: Rod Picott

Rod PicottRod Picott plays three tracks from his latest album, Hang Your Hopes On A Crooked Nail (iTunes, Amazon). Rod Picott talks about wrecking his car while studying a Who song, writing a break up song with Amanda Shires, and seeing Chrissy Hynde in leather pants.

Rotation 401

  • Hearing Jimmy Loud / Drive-By Truckers / English Oceans / 4:45
  • They Don't Know / Lydia Loveless / Somewhere Else / 2:50
  • Words From A Letter / The Far West / Any Day Now / 3:35
  • Macon, Georgia / The Palominos / Come On In / 2:43
  • Crazy Bout You / Roosevelt Dime / Full Head Of Steam / 2:45
  • Screen Door [1989 Demo] / Uncle Tupelo / No Depression (Legacy Edition) / 2:48
  • Built For Speed / Girls Guns & Glory / Good Luck / 3:43
  • Crash on the Highway / Hurray For The Riff Raff / Small Town Heroes / 2:46
  • Leave A Light On / Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash / New Old Story / 2:47
  • Ain't Nothing Like The Love Of A Woman / Chuck Mead / Free State Serenade / 3:18

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Rod Picott interview recap

Calvin notes that the last time Rod Picott was on the show was episode 117 when he played a house concert in Durham back in December of 2012. Calvin asks Rod how many miles he's logged touring since then. Rod Picott says that he and his odometer just take it one mile at a time, "They don't have an odometer that goes that high, Calvin, my odometer just goes one mile at a time."

Calvin asks Rod Picott about when he finds time to write songs. He says, "I have to say I'm really fortunate that way. I write all the time. I never stop. It's just a fluke of my personality. Everybody is different that way. Some of my co-writers are sensitive that way. They have to get a couple of lanterns and light candles and rub themselves down with oil and then they can write a couple of lines and then they're finished for the month. To be honest I'm just really lucky. I'm always writing , I keep notebooks with me and I write on the phone and write on the computer. I push a lot of songs forward at the same time and see which ones withstand the beating and see which ones are standing at the end.

Rod Picott sets up "65 Falcon." He says "I write a lot of songs out of my own life. This is one of those songs. I like songs with a lot of details and names and places. This is a really small song. I wanted that felt kind of fun and so I wrote this song about a car I used to have."

[Calvin plays "65 Falcon" from Hang Your Hopes On A Crooked Nail by Rod Picott.]

Rod Picott says that song is a true story. It was a 65 Falcon Futura. I rear ended somebody unfortunately and wrecked it driving down through East Nashville. My mind was wandering because I was trying to figure out the harmony of an old Who song. I was just someplace else and ran into the back of a pickup truck."

Rod Picott sets up "I Might Be Broken Now." He says, "This is a song that Amanda Shires and I wrote together. We had a duo for four or five years and we were a couple as well. We were in the middle of breaking up and we had a bunch of shows left and we were still playing our duo shows. Everything was good with us, but we were in the middle of breaking up. We decided that nobody knows more about writing song than two people in the middle of breaking up. So we might was well try to write a break up song while we're in the depths of it and we've got all the details. So we did. And we continue to write together and everything's good with us. I was thrilled with ow the song came out I think it's beautiful."

[Calvin plays "I Might Be Broken Now" from Hang Your Hopes On A Crooked Nail by Rod Picott.]

Rod Picott says "That was Amanda and I's Fleetwood Mac song."

Calvin asks Rod Picott about the music video that he put out for that song. He says,"To be honest, that's all Stacie Huckeba. Stacie and I have worked together on a few different things. Four or five videos now, two on the last record, tree on this record. She's just amazing. She does video work and she's a photographer. I've learned to not insert myself into the process. I just show up and do what she tells me and it turns out beautiful."

Rod Picott sets up "Where No One Knows My Name." He says, "Well, I grew up in a real small town in Maine called South Berwick, Maine. I was writing a song from the perspective of a 13 year old me with a lot of stuff on my mind and none of it was to be found in South Berwick, Maine. By the time I was in high school. I'd seen the the Pretenders and Springsteen. It's hard to keep 'em in South Berwick, Maine after you've seen Chrissy Hynde in leather pants. I was frustrated kid in a very small town and that's where the song is coming from, hopefully I captured that."

[Calvin plays "Where No One Knows My Name" from Hang Your Hopes On A Crooked Nail by Rod Picott.]

Rod Picott talks about working with RS Field as producer. He says, "well it was fascinating. Basically the reason I asked him is I'm a huge fan of Billy Joe Shaver and he produced Tramp On Your Street and Freedom's Child. Working with RS, it was fascinating. He's kind of a mad genius in a way. He's really interesting. He's flat out brilliant. He kind of stomps around the room staring at the ceiling while everybody's working and then in the middle he'll scream, "Hold It. It sounds like the Visigoths!' He references all this ancient religious stuff and he's kind of a mad genius. He's a wonderful guy, really funny kind of quirky, can be a little bit difficult. That's to his credit because he knows what he wants and what he thinks about everything. So you kind of got to get on board and he cracks the whip and everybody lines up. It was a great learning experience."

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