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March 10, 2014

Ya know, I can appreciate most of the Holidays we celebrate in US. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Independence Day, Memorial Day. All cool by me. But some of the minor ones don't do much for me. I can take or leave Presidents Day for example. Columbus Day is a definite "meh." But there are a couple of holidays that deserve a lot more attention. For example, March 4th is National Pancake Day!. The International House Of Pancakes was celebrating this auspicious day last week by giving out free "short stacks" of pancakes.

For those of you who aren't IHOP regulars, the so-called "short stack" is a serving of three dinner plate-sized pancakes. They are typically served as a side dish to a main course. So if you order country-fried steak or an omelette, you're likely to get a short stack on the side with the meal. But honestly, three pancakes from IHOP are a meal all by themselves. Now, many people, in my honest opinion, tend to ruin pancakes. IHOP keeps four types of syrup on the table, Old Fashioned Maple, Blueberry, Strawberry, and Butter Pecan. I'll play diplomat in the syrup wars and just say that all four flavors are good in their own way. But I tend to always pick the Old Fashioned Maple. But it's crucially important to not put too much syrup on your short stack. Soggy pancakes are an abomination. It the pancake is grilled just right, it will be slightly crusty on the outside, warm and cakey on the inside. This prevents the butter and syrup from being absorbed too fast into the pancake. So when you put it in your mouth, you get the pancake, butter, and syrup flavor all at once. Yum.

If you live in the Raleigh / Durham / Chapel Hill area, I want to call your attention to an upcoming show by The Stray Birds on Sunday March 16th at The ArtsCenter in Carrboro. They play beautiful, entertaining folk music. I've added both of their recent albums into rotation on the show. And note: I'll be giving away a pair of tickets on the live show Monday March 10th at 9pmEastern (UTC/GMT-5). So tune in on your FM radio or online and listen for your chance to win the giveaway tickets.

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Latest Episode

On episode 182 of the Americana Music Show, Rod Picott plays three tracks from his latest album, Hang Your Hopes On A Crooked Nail. Rod Picott talks about wrecking his car while studying a Who song. writing a break up song with Amanda Shires, and seeing Chrissy Hynde in leather pants. Also on this episode, new rock & roll from the Drive-By Truckers, indie rock from Lydia Loveless, country-rock from The Far West band, retro-60′s Bakersfield country from The Palominos, 30′s-era jazz from Roosevelt Dime, alt-country from Uncle Tupelo, road music from Girls, Guns, and Glory, travelin’ music from Hurray For The Riffraff, hoky tonk from the Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash, and some border music from Chuck Meade.

Album Giveaway!

I think it's fair to say Scott H. Biram is a visionary blues man. But not in that high-minded intellectual minor-chords and weird time signature kind of way, but in that back woods poison snake and moonshine sort of way.  And on his latest album,Nothing But Blood, he comes across just as rude and scary as ever... and then there are the moments of, well, it can't be described as anything else but rapture. This is a must have lo-fi stomp blues album and I'm happy to announce I'm giving away five copies of Nothing But Blood as the March album giveaway courtesy of Bloodshot Records.


The Sioux City Kid, despite his stage name which I think is awesome, is actually based in San Francisco. “Wishing Well” is a song off his Minutes, Miles, Troubles and Trials album. The song is kind of a stomp blues number reminiscent of some early 30′s acts. The stomp beat, the old timey acoustic piano, and his ragged voice take you to another place and another time. It’s downright refreshing to hear music this rough and direct. As you’ll see in the video, he pairs the music with silent movies from the 20′s and 30′s that feature wild dance scenes and people who appear to be almost forcing themselves to be happy. I think that was common in movies made around the Great Depression and so it’s somewhat fitting given that we are also in the midst of a Great Depression.

Recent Releases

Drive-By Truckers have a new album out called English Oceans. Once again a knock-out album of southern rock with songs about troubled and troublesome characters. I'm adding "Shit Shots Count," "Hearing Jimmy Loud," "Til He's Dead Or Rises," "Hanging On," and "Natural Light." #americana #rock http://www.americanamusicshow.com/hgzj

The Howlin' Brothers have an EP out called The Sun Studios Sessions and it's got some rockabilly/newgrass tracks I'm really into. I'm adding "Dixie Fried," and "Take Me Down."

Hollis Brown has a new indie rock album out called Ride The Train. It's a generally sunny set of rock & roll with just a little bit of twang thrown in. I'm adding "Down On Your Luck," "Doghouse Blues," and the title track.

Hezekiah Goode has put out a collection of songs called Two Billion Acres of Salt that is both true to classic country and amazingly original. Some of the deepest twang you'll hear this year. I'm adding "A Fence Of Colorado Stone," "Get That Fiddle Fired Up," and "I Need You To Walk A Way."
Boo Ray has a new one out called Six Weeks In A Motel. He can do that rock troubadour thing and he's also got some great contry/rock tunes. I'm adding "Boots and Blue Jeans" & the title track.

The Stray Birds have an EP out of covers called The Echo Sessions. They are a very entertaining and engaging folk trio. I'm adding "Loretta" and "Blue Yodel #7" to rotation.

Need some fun upbeat bar music? Nancarrow has just the thing you need on their latest EP, Party. I'm adding "Party," "Second Last Resort" and the title track.  #americana #rockhttp://www.americanamusicshow.com/w9br

Recent Adds

  • Shit Shots Count / Drive-By Truckers / English Oceans / 4:10
  • Hearing Jimmy Loud / Drive-By Truckers / English Oceans / 4:45
  • Til He's Dead Or Rises / Drive-By Truckers / English Oceans / 4:25
  • Hanging On / Drive-By Truckers / English Oceans / 4:01
  • Natural Light / Drive-By Truckers / English Oceans / 5:16
  • Dixie Fried / The Howlin' Brothers / The Sun Studio Session (EP) /2:25
  • Take Me Down / The Howlin' Brothers / The Sun Studio Session (EP) /3:24
  • Loretta / The Stray Birds / Echo Sessions / 2:46
  • Blue Yodel #7 / The Stray Birds / Echo Sessions / 5:08
  • Ride On The Train / Hollis Brown / Ride On The Train / 4:40
  • Down On Your Luck / Hollis Brown / Ride On The Train / 3:04
  • Doghouse Blues / Hollis Brown / Ride On The Train / 2:50
  • Party / Nancarrow / Heart / 3:35
  • Second Last Resort / Nancarrow / Heart / 2:35
  • Forever / Gunther Brown / Good Nights For Daydreams / 3:29
  • A Fence Of Colorado Stone / Hezekiah Goode / Two Billion Acres Of Salt / 5:29
  • Get That Fiddle Fired Up / Hezekiah Goode / Two Billion Acres Of Salt / 4:49
  • I Need You To Walk Away / Hezekiah Goode / Two Billion Acres Of Salt / 3:16
  • Losing Hand / Ramblin' Road / Greg Smith And The Broken English /4:38
  • Dizzy In the Head / Ramblin' Road / Greg Smith And The Broken English / 2:21
  • Monkey / Railroad Earth / Last Of The Outlaws / 4:01
  • 100 Faces / CUT PURSE RASCALS / Heavitree / 5:25
  • Who Told You I'z Down / Gann Brewer / Peddlers & Ghosts / 3:38

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