Mic Harrison

Mic Harrison talks to Rick Cornell about who he still wants to fight, his truck stop souvenirs, living in Knoxville, and the band member who’s most like Waylon Jennings.

Rotation 319:

  • Two Crooked Hearts / Langhorne Slim & The Law / The Way We Move / 2:07
  • Accent / Casey McCoy Cainan / Wrong Turns / 2:54
  • Next to Nowhere / Beth McKee / Next to Nowhere / 3:04
  • Got No Friends / The Vespers / The Fourth Wall / 4:31
  • Bayou Town / Leftover Salmon / Aquatic Hitchhiker / 3:45
  • Suspicious Minds / Mark James / Memphis Boys: The Story Of American Studios / 3:04
  • Curveball / Ed Romanoff / Ed Romanoff - Ed Romanoff / 3:16
  • He's My Man / Rachel Harrington & The Knock Outs / Makin' Our House a Honkytonk / 2:31
  • Love One Another / Allen Thompson / Salvation In The Ground / 2:57

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Mic Harrison

Mic Harrison

Interview Recap

Rick welcomes Mic Harrison to the Dirty Laundry Fresh Scent Hotline and notes that his new band, Mic Harrison and the High Score have several members of the V-Roys in it. Rick notes that the new album is called Still Wanna Fight so he asks Mic, “Are you looking for trouble?” Mic says, definitely not. Those days are over. But Mic says they “still want to make music and still wanna fight the music industry.”

Mic says they had a great time at theirRaleighshow at theBerkeleyrecently and that they will be back in October. Mic says in generalNorth Carolinahas been pretty good to them.

Mic sets up “Cracked Windshield.” Mic says this is what they look at every time they come to Raleigh. He says they are still using the same V-Roys van which now has over 420,000 miles on it. This song is about getting out and touring.

[Rick plays “Cracked Windshield” from Still Wanna Fight by Mic Harrison and the High Score.]

Rick says he bets Mic has a lot of truckstop souvenirs from their travels. Mic says they got a lot magnets and coffee mugs over the years.

Mic gives a quick history. His first real band the V-Roys. He joined them in ’95 and had a pretty good run until New Years Eve in 2000. Then they created The Faults with some V-Roys. Later he played guitar with Super Drag and since then he’s been in the High Score.

Rick asks Mic to run through the band line-up and say which rock and roll hero each member reminds him of. Robbie Trosper is on guitar and vocals. He reminds Mic of a cross between Doug Gillard from Guided By Voices and Jerry Reed.  Brad Henderson is on drums and vocals. He reminds Mic of a cross between Levon Helm and Billy Joel. Vance Hillard is on bass and vocals. Mic says Vance is a straight-up Waylon Jennings. Chad Pelton is on guitar and vocals. Mic saysChadis a cross between Roger Miller and Elvis Costello.

Mic Harrison sets up “Out Of The Blue.” Mic says he just sat down one day and this one came “out of the blue” in about 3 minutes.

[Rick plays “Out Of The Blue” from Still Wanna Fight by Mic Harrison and the High Score.]

Rick and Mic talk about Knoxville because Nashville and Memphisget all the Tennessee love. But Knoxville deserves kudos too. Mic says Knoxville was supposed to be what Nashville is today. A lot of the old country folks including Dolly Parton and the Everyly Brothers came from Knoxville. And Knoxville is a good “crossroads” of bluegrass, country, and rock. Mic runs through some of the more well-known bands based out of Knoxville including the Dirty Guv’nahs, Black Cadillacs, and Scott Miller. Mic also mentions radio station WDVX that helps local bands get promoted nationally.

Mic sets up “Rock And Roll Clothes.” This song has Robbie Tropser on lead vocals and Mic says he understand that this song was written for Robbie’s wife.

[Rick plays “Rock And Roll Clothes” from Still Wanna Fight by Mic Harrison and the High Score.]

Mic talks about the album release plans. The did a “soft release” in June and are now doing a nation-wide release for Still Wanna Fight.

Mic set up “Don’t Change Your Plans.” He says he wrote this one in the late 90’s when he thought is future wife was going to be moving to Arizona.

[Rick plays “Don’t Change Your Plans” from Still Wanna Fight by Mic Harrison and the High Score.]

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