Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs

Holly Golightly talks about her travels from punk to blues,singing songs into her hairbrush for 20 years, and the downside of million dollar checks.

Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs


Holly Golightly and Lawyer Dave

Holly Golightly

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Interview Recap

Holly Golightly Sunday Run Me Over

Holly Golightly talks about the home-made nature of Sunday Run Me Over. She says this is the first time they recorded the entire album at home. In the past they'd record on location and bring the tapes back home for editing. They weren't specifically looking to make an album that sounded "home made."

Holly Golightly describes their home, which is "in the middle of nowhere" northeast of Athens, Georgia. She says their house is "somebody's folly" because it has a three story tower attached to it.

Holly Golightly sets up "Godamn Holy Roll," which she says is a simple song about not wanting to get out of bed on Sunday morning to go to church,

[Calvin plays "Godamn Holy Roll" from Sunday Run Me Over by Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs.]

Holly Golightly talks about growing up in East Suffolk, UK. She says in her early years she was more into punk. She says she'd hear interesting songs from bands who were covering songs from bands in the 60's who were in turn covering blues bands. She says Rhythm and Blues, Motown, and Stax artists were very popular and well received in the UK. She says there isn't a point in her life where she couldn't turn on the radio and hear Motown and Stax soul.

Holly Golightly says she would go to "northern soul clubs to dance" and because she liked to dance a lot, she'd get to know the DJs and who would tell her about the music and she'd buy 45's from them. She says her very first boyfriend as a soul DJ.

Holly Golightly sets up "I Forgot More." She was inspired to cover this song after hearing Wanda Jackson cover it.

[Calvin plays "I Forgot More" from Sunday Run Me Over by Holly Golightly.]

Holly Golightly talks about picking out covers. She says a lot of her covers are songs that aren't very popular but "songs I've sung into my hairbrush for 20 years." She says she also picks out songs to cover that "sound good around the kitchen table."

Holly Golightly talks about the key to being as prolific as she's been. "In a nutshell, I just do what I like." I think over course of time it's not expecting too much to expect someone who does what I do to produce an album a year."

Holly Golightly "I think you have to keep in mind why people make music to start with and why your doing it and not think about what might happen and what might become of it. A hundred years ago people would have been completely boggled to think that someone could make a living writing music. It's something they did to keep from going nuts. It's a relief, an outlet." She says just remember "if someone writes you a check for a million dollars, you're in debt for a million dollars."

Holly Golightly sets up "One For The Road." It's specifically about bands in the UK who begin and end their tours with the ferry ride to the continent.

[Calvin plays "One For The Road" from Sunday Run Me Over by Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs.]

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Rotation 337

  • Big Mountain Blues / JD Hobson Band / Where The Sun Don't Shine / 2:29
  • Favorite Shirt / Rich Mahan / Blame Bobby Bare / 4:09
  • Gun Shy Dog / Rod Picott / Girl From Arkansas / 2:21
  • Driven Back / Jesse And Noah / Driver Back / 3:10
  • Blue Heartache Number Nine / Rick Malis / Heartbreak Town / 3:47
  • The Last Drop / Ted Russell Kamp / Night Owl / 3:30
  • Midnight Beauty / Caleb Caudle / Tobacco Town / 2:54
  • Kick Me When I'm Down / Scott Macleod / Right As Rain / 3:15
  • Bootleggin' The Blues / Leo Hull - The Texas Blues Machine / Bootleggin' The Blues / 3:15

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