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D.B. RiellyD.B. Rielly talks about why he writes feel good music, his love of the accordion, his Chris Isaak/Roy Orbison song, how to appeal to NYC hipsters. He also sets up and plays three tracks from his album Cross My Heart + Hope To Die.

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  • Thunder In A Sacred Place / Iron Bridge Band / Road Not Taken / 4:18
  • Holy Ghost Power! / The Mercy Brothers / Holy Ghost Power / 3:18
  • Modern Blue / Rosanne Cash / The River & The Thread / 3:02
  • Blackland Farmer / Hard Working Americans / Hard Working Americans / 4:23
  • Hello Heartache / Wylie & The Wild West / Relic / 3:38
  • JJ Cale / Ray Benson / A Little Piece / 4:10
  • Crazy Women / Brandy Clark / 12 Stories / 3:37
  • Killin' Time Blues / Sioux City Kid / Minutes, Miles, Troubles & Trials / 4:18

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D.B. Rielly Interview Recap

D.B. Rielly explains the title of his "Cross My Heart + Hope To Die." He says, "I wrote right there in the liner notes 'I am completely trustworthy and always truthful except when proven to be otherwise'. [laughs]... I used to work in a warehouse and every day I'd walk by the sales man and he'd be on the phone and he was always telling somebody how honest he was and I thought to myself, 'I never heard an honest man have to say how honest he was.' [laughs]"

D.B. Rielly talks about why he opened the album with Bob Segar's "Turn The Page," He says, "I got turned on to him a long time ago. I loved this girl, Loretta, and she loved Bob Segar and therefore, mathematically, I loved Bob Segar. So I ended up really liking him and fooling around with his songs and they suit my voice really well. Plus, I understand those lyrics, I really get that. I feel like I can express that song really well." He goes on to talk about traveling on the road and how tough it can be. But he's also spent time on the road with bands and sleeping on buses. Be he said once you get to the point where you are traveling on buses, it can be really great and fun and you can see the country side.

D.B. Rielly sets up, "Wrapped Around Your Little Finger." He says, "I think it's a feel good song. Me personally I'm kind of tired of guys writing abut how they're such studs and lady-killers and love 'em and leave 'em. I always wonder how insecure a fella is if they have to tell you stuff like that. I thought it's be great to write a song that's like 'dang I'm just so in love." and also, let's face it, love makes you do goofy things and I thought I'd throw in a little bit of that too."

[Calvin plays "Wrapped Around Your Little Finger" from Cross My Heart + Hope To Die]

Calvin asks D.B. Rielly why he included the accordion on that song. He says, "It just kind f started with that one accordion pattern. It's just such a feel-good move your butt kind of pattern I just built the whole song around it. I just love the accordion. It just grabbed me right away. A while ago somebody called me to do a gig. It was a funky New Orleans kind of gig. I got hired on saxophone and rub board. One of the guys had a small accordion. It was a piano accordion but it only had two octaves on one side, maybe 12 or 24 buttons. I was just mesmerized. I'd never seen anything other than the big Lawrence Welk / Buck Wheat Zydeco kind. It sounded so good. So on a break I asked if I could fool around with it on a break. It turned out it was owned by the drummer who is a friend of mine. So he let me take it home and he didn't ask for it back for 6 months and I didn't actually give it back for another 6 months!"

D.B. Rielly sets up "Someday." He says, "I had some lyrics I was laying with out in Colorado and by the time I got back I had most of the lyrics, but I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it. Then I got a call, not from a publisher, but from a third party / middleman. Telling me that this publisher was looking for something along the lines of Chris Isaak or Roy Orbison. So I wrote this pretty much for them. And then the connection fell through so I didn't get that deal. In the end I'm really glad because I really like this song and I'm glad I got to keep it for myself."

[Calvin plays "Someday" from Cross My Heart + Hope To Die by D.B. Rielly.]

Calvin asks who D.B Rielly admires in terms of vocal style. He says he's not sure how their influence directly influences his sound. But he doesn't really try to imitate others. But he's really into the style of Lyle Lovett and Dwight Yoakam.

Calvin asks how his style of pure earnest sincere rock and roll plays with the New York hipster crowd. D.B. Rielly laughs and says, "That's an excellent question and if you ever find out the answer let me know. The only thing I have come up with is to just shut up and play. People in New York you know they know everything they're cooler than everything. They hate everything. And so you can't say "country music" you really can't say accordion, oh my goodness. But if you don't say anything, like we were playing the Rodeo Bar last night. There were people from age 19 to 49, the whole crowd and everyone was loving it. Especially the younger folks. They don't know jack. They might know who Johnny Cash is these days but they don't even know who Hank is. The Hipsters don't know anything. But if you don't tell them it's something, they just listen to the music."

D.B. Rielly sets up "Untie Me." He says, "It's just a cool kind of groovy song with a twisty lyric and it's almost like a follow through from my first record called I've got a Girlfriend."

[Calvin plays "Untie Me" from Cross My Heart + Hope To Die" by D.B. Rielly]

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    We love D.B. Rielly at SkunkFest in South Carolina! He was a big hit at SkunkFest last October and will be returning to our 20th Annual Albino Skunk Music Festival the first weekend in October, 2014. Great interview. Thanks

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    Loved the interview with D.B. Rielly and his comment about the self-proclaimed “honest” salesman. You can always tell you’re talking to a shark if they tell you they don’t have teeth.

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