Amanda Pearcy

Amanda Pearcy talks to Rick Cornell about the quintessential Texas small town, her favorite listening room venue, and her tribute to “party dolls.”

Plus roots rock from Johnny and the MoTones, blues from Maya and the Ruins, twang from Kelly Willis and Bruce Robinson, country-rock from Bow Thayer and Perfect Trainwreck, roots rock from Semi-Twang, beautiful country from Caitlin Rose, old school R&B from Fats Domino, and some country rock from the Tim Lee 3.

Amanda Pearcy


Amanda Pearcy

Amanda Pearcy

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Interview Recap

Amanda Pearcy talks about the making of Royal Street. She says it started with Tim Lorsch, her producer in Nashville. They tracked the album with the band in November 2010. They had to work on it a little bit at a time due to Amanda’s financial situation. The songs were written over several years. Some as far back as 2006. Some as recently as 2011. All the time she was writing songs and two new songs were added to the album at the last minute. Most of it was done in Nashville and some of it was done in Austin.

Rick Cornell asks Amanda about her release show. Amanda Pearcy says the party was the Strange Brew, Lounge Side in Austin. She says that the people there are "fabulous" and she played there when it was a brand new little tiny place. And she's played there in every configuration they've had. She likes Strange Brew because it has a "listening room" feel where people really listen to the songwriter. Amanda runs through the lineup for the release party.

Amanda Pearcy sets up "The Story of My Heart." She says this story is a tribute/lament to the party dolls in the world."

[Rick Cornell plays "The Story of My Heart" from Royal Street by Amanda Pearcy.]

Rick Cornell asks Amanda Pearcy how she landed in Austin. She originally went to Austin to go to college at University of Texas. She met her son's father and got married. They lived in the Lost Pines of Bastrop where they had the big fires a couple of years ago. She says it's sad to see that area burned. He worked in the oil fields with his brothers, but passed away when their son was 2 years old. Rather than go back home, she moved to a little town of Smithville which is near by.

Rick Cornell asks Amanda about the Steve Young quote on her album and he asks her about the other artists that inspire her. She says she does a lot of driving so she answers the song from the perspective of what's been in her CD player recently. She mentions Michael Fracasso, Ray Bonneville, Eric Taylor, Robin Ludwig, and Lucinda Williams. Amanda talks about how under-recognized Steve Young is and how many other artists name check him.

Amanda Pearcy sets up "A Thousand Tender Recollections." She says it's one of her favorites and she loves the gospel choir on it. She says she was afraid this song would get overlooked.

[Rick Cornell plays "A Thousand Tender Recollections" from Royal Street by Amanda Pearcy.]

Rick Cornell asks Amanda Pearcy about how the accordion got included. Amanda says she trusts her producer and he wanted the accordion on these two songs. Steve Kahn plays the accordion on the album.

[Rick Cornell plays "Unbind" from Royal Street by Amanda Pearcy.]

Amanda Pearcy sets up the Rolling Stones Cover "No Expectation." She says it's a good fit for the album because many of the songs are about loss and yearning and "No Expectations" is too.

[Rick Cornell plays "No Expectations" from Royal Street by Amanda Pearcy.]

Rotation 352

  • Swimming Hole / Johnny and the MoTones / Shake It / 3:46
  • Let Me In / Maya And The Ruins / Take This Song With You / 3:01
  • Cheater's Game / Kelly Willis & Bruce Robison / Cheater's Game / 3:30
  • 12 Inch Steel / Bow Thayer And Perfect Trainwreck / Eden / 2:24
  • Love Interest / Semi-Twang / The Why And The What For / 2:51
  • Waitin' / Caitlin Rose / The Stand-In / 3:19
  • Honey Chile (2002 Digital Remaster) / Fats Domino / Greatest Hits: Walking To New Orleans / 1:50
  • Signal / Tim Lee 3 / Devil's Rope / 3:23

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