Amanda Cevallos

Amanda Cevallos talks to Rick Cornell about singing Tejano music, her Doug Sahm show, playing the Broken Spoke and why she wears a cowboy hat.

Amanda Cevallos

Amanda Cevallos

Amanda Cevallos

Interview Recap

[Rick Cornell opens the interview by playing "Texas Hold Him" from I'll Never Honky Tonk You by Amanda Cevallos.]

Rick Cornell asks Amanda Cevallos about when she started singing. She says she started singing when she got a car at 16. Then she got a guitar soon after. "The second I started strumming I started sining." Amanda Cevallos says that the first music she sang was Tejano music. "I was going to see Selena every weekend and I was listening to Ramone Ayala who is a legendary Tejano singer and accordion player. I was actually listening to a Tejano record by Ramone Ayala when I first realized I could sing."

Amanda Cevallos tells Rick Cornell how she got into songwriting. She says when she first got her heartbroken at 18 show wrote a poem called "How Could You Let Me Say Good-Bye." She threw it away because she thought it was crap. But she remembered the words and wrote it down again later and turned it into a song. "I have this theory that with songwriting you just have to be really patient. And understnad for me it's about an hour into the same idea that I just don't want to think about it anymore all of a sudden I get the gold."

Amanda Cevallos talks abotu how the album came together. She talks about being asked to produce a Doug Sahm (?) tribute show in two weeks. She jumped at the chance. That caught the attention of James Hyland (who had originally been asked to do the show.) He reached out to her work with her on the album. He recorded a song with her and the South Austin Jug Band backed them. Next thing she knew she was in the studio with Dale Watson, Earl Poole Ball, and Augie Meyers was stopping by."

Amanda Cevallos sets up "Read My Hips Swaying Good Bye." She says she co-wrote this song with Steve Carter of the band Stop The Truck.

[Rick plays "Read My Hips Swaying Good Bye" from I'll Never Honky Tonk You by Amanda Cevallos.]

Amanda Cevallos talks about how she landed a gig and the benefit it's had for her career. She says The Broken Spoke is her home in Austin. She said she went there every Friday and talked to James White about working there. She cultivated the look she thought he would hire. She just kep going back week after week and eventually he called her. She says that she just celebrated her two year residency at The Broken Spoke. She says that because The Broken Spoke is world famous, people from all over the world come to it and they hear her music. She says they go back home and tell their friends and the next thing she knows she's getting calls from record stores in the UK that want to sell her music and she gets a distributon deal out of it.

Amanda Cevallos talks about how her father was an inspiration to her and led her to write the song "Jose Guadalupe." She says he was a very interesting guy. He had a really loud voice and was really funny. She says he was demanding, smart,.and charismatic. She says he influenced her as an artist because he told her she could do or be anything and she believed him. She says, "And then he'd back it up by telling me he loved me like a 100 times a day." She goes on to say"So I felt locve. I felt like I could do anything and I wasn't afraid to try new things like acting or singing or dancing or roller blading or whatever. And I do that still to this day and I know it's because the way he treated me."

[Rick plays "Jose Guadalupe" from I'll Never Honky Tonk You by Amanda Cevallos.]

Rick asks her if her background in entertainment, modelling, working as a VJ etc has led to any resitance or skepticism of her as a country music artist. She says if it has,"I'm completely oblivious to it." She says she's been on stage since she was five years old nd has learned that she's not going to please everybody.

Rick asks Amanda Cevallos about the hat she bought for her gig at the Broken Spoke. She says unfortunately it was stolen with all her equipement a while back. She says that all of her hats including the one on the cover of the album was made by her friend Joel Gammage of Texas Hatters. She says that her hat makes her feel "dressed for the job, like I've got my gear on."

Amanda Cevallos sets up "Nothing But Each Other." She says its a song she wrote with Jonathan Terrell.

[Rick plays "Nothing But Each Other" from I'll Never Honky Tonk You by Amanda Cevallos.]

Rotation 347

  • The Devil's Creek / The Delta Saints / Death Letter Jubilee / 2:56
  • Everybody Get The Blues / Stella / Sorry, Stella / 3:41
  • Big Bad Love / Mark Lucas / Uncle Bones / 3:24
  • Rattle Them Chains / Alex Culbreth & The Dead Country Stars / Heart In A Mason Jar / 2:21
  • Kingpin / Crankshaft And The Gear Grinders / What You Gonna Do? / 4:23
  • Cool Rockin' Daddy / Mark Robinson / Have Axe - Will Groove / 2:28
  • Long Gone Long John / Woody Pines / You Gotta Roll EP / 2:46
  • I'm In Love Again (2002 Digital Remaster) / Fats Domino / Greatest Hits: Walking To New Orleans / 1:57

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    Thanks so much for playing a great diverse group of roots music; love getting turned on to folks I might not hear otherwise (including Mark Robinson — full disclosure here, I’m working his new CD ‘Have Axe – Will Groove, so I’m not totally unbiased!)

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