Alex Culbreth and the Dead Country Stars

Alex Culbreth talks about getting rowdy with the Alex Culbreth and the Dead Country Stars, who inspires his punchy writing style, and his folk-rap song.

Plus country rock from Bow Thayer and Perfect Trainwreck and  Farmington Hill, from David Hardin, southern rock from Fiddleworms, delta blues rock from Steve Azar. Country from Ronnie Fauss and Gurf Morlix, and some jump blues from Johnny and the MoTones.

Alex Culbreth & the Dead Country Stars

Alex Culbreth and the Dead Country Stars

Alex Culbreth

preview Heart In A Mason Jar

Interview Recap

Alex Culbreth was previously featured on the show on episode 81 when he was with the Parlor Soldiers.

Alex Culbreth talks about the difference between playing as a duo in the Parlor Soldiers (see episode 81 of) vs. playing with the new band, The Dead Country Stars. "We've got five members now, fiddle, banjo, upright bass, guitar, and drums. We've got a fuller sound and we can get a little bit more rowdy and rambunctious than I could before."

Alex Culbreth sets up "Heart In A Mason Jar." Alex says it's a song about a destructive relationship based in New York City and it's one of my favorite ones to play."

[Calvin plays "Heart In A Mason Jar" from Heart In A Mason Jar by Alex Culbreth and the Dead Country Stars.]

Alex Culbreth talks about putting the band together. All of the members are from the Fredericksburg area and had been playing in other bands. Eddie Dickerson on fiddle. Jimbo Carrico on banjo, Joanna Smith on upright bass, Ryan Hale on drums.

Alex Culbreth sets up "Mercy Me." He says this is his folk-rap song about a rising musician and it all spiraling out of control."

[Calvin plays "Mercy Me" from Heart In A Mason Jar by Alex Culbreth of the Dead Country Stars.]

Alex Culbreth talks about approaching the band with a "folk rap song." "It's pretty energetic so they were on board for playing it. It definitely mixes up the set. When we play it out live We normally kind of speed it up at the end. We'll do an extra minute at the end where we speed it up as much as humanly possible."

Alex Culbreth talks about the music scene in Fredericksburg. "There's definitely some bluegrass and folk bands around town. It's pretty varied as far as the music scene is. Our home base is a bar called The Colonial Tavern. We feel pretty comfortable there.

Alex Culbreth sets up "Bang Bang." "From what I remember, I woke up one morning and drank five cups of coffee and that song just came out."

[Calvin plays "Bang Bang" from Heart In A Mason Jar by Alex Culbreth and the Dead Country Stars.]

Alex Culbreth talks about some of his song-writing inspiration. " Tom Waits has always been a big inspiration. A few years ago, a buddy of mine burned me his entire Tom Waits collection. And Tom Waits has 15-20 albums so it was a lot to wade through. So Tom Waits has always been a big inspiration. Also Townes' Van Zandt. Todd Snider out of Nashville is a great songwriter. Roger Allen Wade out of Chattanooga is a great songwriter who takes inspiration from Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash and he's been a big inspiration for me."

There are also writers that inspire Alex Culbreth. "I've always been a big fan of writers like Charles Bukowski and Ernest Hemingway. I always thought it was really cool how their punchy writing style can say a lot in just a few words."

Rotation 353

  • The Beauty Of All Things / Bow Thayer And Perfect Trainwreck / Eden / 3:54
  • 10 Miles / Farmington Hill / Bridge To Nowhere / 4:15
  • John Deere 69 / David Hardin / Miles of Nowhere / 4:15
  • Vicksburg / Fiddleworms / See The Light / 4:29
  • Flatlands (Delta Mix) / Steve Azar / Delta Soul Volume One / 5:00
  • This Year / Ronnie Fauss / I Am The Man You Know I'm Not / 4:27
  • Gasoline / Gurf Morlix / Gurf Morlix Finds The Present Tense / 4:21
  • Shake It / Johnny and the MoTones / Shake It / 2:56

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