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Kelly Pardekooper

Ep224 Kelly Pardekooper owns the bar scene

Kelly Pardekooper plays tracks from his Milk In Sunshine album and talk about owning the bar scene and intertwining music with real life. Also on this episode, country rock from Whitey Morgan and the 78s, alt-country from The Highballers, R&B honky-tonk from Los Straightjackets and Deke Dickerson, bluegrass from Leftover Salmon, country folk rock from The Dirty River Boys, gospel from Roosevelt Graves, country music from Marty Stuart & His Fablulous Superlatives, blues from Scott H Biram, and rock & roll from Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires.

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The Highballers

The Highballers

The Highballers self-titled indie-rock album has just the right amount of country ache to turn it into a cowpunk classic.

Dirty River Boys

The Dirty River Boys – s/t

Folks compare the Dirty River Boys to Mumford & Sons Lumineers, but their self-titled album is tougher, grittier, than anything those bands could muster.