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Cory Branan by Nicole C. Kibert

Ep#216 Cory Branan writes second-helping songs

Cory Branan plays tracks from The No-Hit Wonder and talks about the triple-whammy of song writers that got him started writing roots music. Also on this episode, Texas rock from Ronnie Fauss, new music from John Mellencamp, honky-tonk from J.P. Harris and the Tough Choices, blues rock from Jason McIntyre and Junior Tutwiler, blues from Luke Winslow-King, stomp blues from Mulebone, blues-rock from Dick LeMasters, and newgrass from Arty Hill.


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JP Harris and the Tough Choices

JP Harris live tonight!

JP Harris is going to be my guest tonight to talk about all things honky-tonk and play tracks from his new album, Home Is Where The Hurt Is. Plus new music from Joel DaSilva, Luke Winslow-King, Lee Ann Womack, and more……

Cahalen Morrison

Cahalen Morrison live tonight!

Cahalen Morrison is my scheduled interview guest tonight. We’ll be talking about his new band and playing tracks from The Flower of Muscle Shoals.

The Loudermilks

Ep#215 The Loudermilks get honest with themselves

Alan and Chad Edwards of the Loudermilks play tracks from their band’s debut album and talk about the new band name and writing really sad music. Also on this episode, country rock from Jonathan Byrd, old school blues from Dave Ray, revival string band music from Luke Winslow-King, honkytonk from JP Harris and the Tough Choices, anthem rock from NQ Arbuckle, a crooner from Emma Swift, jump blues from Macavine Hayes, and 30’s era blues from Dom Flemons.